Improving Lunchtimes

Improving Lunchtimes


Is your lunchtime everything it could be?


Many children today have very limited access to free play or outdoor space and may also have limited opportunity to really mix and relate to other children-particularly those they do not know, to explore their physical capabilities, to expand their social skills such as managing disagreements or dealing with unfairness and to get good physical exercise.


Lunchtime at school is the closest most children get to freely interacting with their environment and peers without constant adult direction and interference. Whilst lunchtimes are well supervised, the role of lunchtime staff is to minimise harm by helping children learn to manage social interactions, make healthy and sensible choices and to deal with any situation where an adult is necessary with a light but supportive and caring touch.


A fully integrated range of services is available to improve and expand your lunchtimes either as a series of individual components or as a tailor made package. See links below or contact Gill Hines


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