Lunch-hall observation

Improving Lunchtimes



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A single session observation including talking with staff and children followed by a written report highlighting all the good practice, good ideas and good fun on display and making a few suggestions for change.£200


This can be combined with an observation of the playground if desired.


Lunch-hall Observation


The modern school lunch-hall is a far cry from the overcrowded and unpleasant place of a decade ago where children spent half their time queuing and the other half tipping their food on the floor so they wouldn't have to eat it! Many modern lunch-halls are busy but well ordered places where children are encouraged to behave well, eat with proper regard to those around them and to converse at a sensible level.

One way to make sure that a lunch-hall is working as it could is to regularly review pracice and sample staff and pupil opinion through a Lunch-hall observation.


What is observed?

Systems :

  • Are children clear about the systems in place?
  • Are the systems there to benefit children, staff or both?
  • What improvements would staff and children like to be made?




  • Are children given clear guidelines for their behaviour/manners?
  • Are children rewarded for their good behaviour/manners?
  • Do staff provide incentives for good behaviour?
  • Are staff kind, non-judgemental and clear?



Lunch-hall environment:


  • Is noise kept at an acceptable level??
  • Is the lunch-hall clean and tidy?
  • Are children encouraged to help in maintaining a clean environment?
  • Do children find their lunch-hall a nice place to eat?
  • Do staff find their lunch-hall a nice place to work?