lunchtimes checklist

Improving Lunchtimes



Lunchtimes checklist


Lunchtime Staff:

  • Have received behaviour management training in line with the school ethos?
  • Support pupils to manage their own disputes?
  • Have a clear and meaningful job description which forms the basis for performance management?
  • Encourage healthy choices?
  • Initiate special play opportunities and encourage involvement?

The Lunch Hall:

  • Is an interesting, stimulating, tidy and pleasant environment?
  • Provides opportunities for interraction and involvement?
  • Is clean and well managed?
  • Encourages healthy options?


The playground:

  • has occasional new and interesting play opportunities?
  • Is well supervised and safe?
  • Provides quiet activities and areas?
  • Is stimulating?


Policy and procedure:

  • Lunchtime staff have a handbook or guidance document that is relevant and helpful?
  • Regular lunchtime surveys are carried out with pupils and lunchtime staff?
  • Policy is up to date and details clear expectations and aspirations?
  • A lunchtimes action group works to an evidence based plan?