Playground Observation

Improving Lunchtimes



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A single session observation including talking with staff and children followed by a written report highlighting all the good practice, good ideas and good fun on display and making a few suggestions for change.£200


This can be combined with an observation of the Lunch-hall if desired.

Playground Observation


Lunchtime at school is the closest most children get to freely interacting with their environment and peers without constant adult direction and interference. When lunchtimes are well supervised, the role of lunchtime staff is to minimise harm by helping children learn to manage social interactions, make healthy and sensible choices and deal with any situation where an adult is necessary with a light but supportive and caring touch.


Is that how it is in your playground? An impartial observation can form the basis for your Performance Management, school development or staff training as well as providing information for governors and parents alike.

What is observed?

Children and their play :


  • How self sufficient are they?
  • Can they manage disagreements?
  • Have they a range of activities available?
  • Are they enjoying their lunchtime?


  • Are staff able to view the whole play area/s?
  • Are staff ectively engaged with the children?
  • Do staff provide support to help children manage disagreements?
  • Are staff kind, non-judgemental and clear?
  • Are staff enjoying their work?



The Playground environment:


  • Is there somewhere that children can go to be quiet/reflect?
  • Is the playground equally accessible to all children?
  • Are play areas maximised to encourage their use?
  • Are playground expectations/rules clearly displayed, understood and followed?
  • What do the children and lunchtime staff feel would make things better?