Training for Lunchtime staff

Lunchtime staff training


Lunchtime staff training is available for up to 25 participants at a time including SMSAs, TAs, volunteers and playworkers. Schools putting on training for their staff are welcome to invite other schools to attend.

Sessions last from 1.5 hours to a whole day and from one off workshops to full 5 session courses. Sessions are always participatory and involve staff in exploring aspects of lunchtimes in their own school as well as new ideas and examples of practice from others.

Sessions can be arranged at a time to suit - usually just before or just after lunch duty.



Some recent feedback:


"Very lively and practical’

‘I loved the practical bits and ‘feel good’ techniques, thank you’

‘Lots of food for thought’

"definitely useful"

"Interesting techniques - interesting to see them implemented"

"felt much more positive after the session"



Specific topics available include:


  • Positive behaviour management
  • Developing personal responsibility
  • Managing incidents so that pupils learn from them
  • Improving lunchtimes
  • The lunchtime supervisor - roles and responsibilities




Tailor made training is available from £150 per session.


An established 5 session course entitled "Improving lunchtimes" which covers much of the above as well as involving staff in creating an Action Plan for each participating school is £700