Choosing a Secondary School

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Choosing a secondary school and preparing your child for transition

A workshop for year 4 and 5 parents


Parenting is all about difficult choices and one of the biggest any parent has to make is which secondary school to send their child to. How to make that choice? How to find the right ‘fit’? How to give your child the very best opportunities to develop and shine?

This two hour workshop for all year 4 and 5 parents will help you identify the things you should be looking for and the questions you should be asking to make sure the school you choose will provide your child with the very best education and environment for their learning style, interests and character. Choosing a school simply by looking at their exam results makes about as much sense as choosing them for their uniform colour – what suits one child may not suit another.

It is well recognised in Education that the first year of secondary school is of vital importance for any young person’s future performance. The friends they make, their attitude to school and school work, their behaviour and attendance all impact on their learning and future success so helping a child make as smooth and stress free transition as possible must be the aim of every good school and parent. During the workshop we’ll also look at some top tips for helping your child prepare for transition by working with them on key skills and providing opportunities for developing independence and resilience.


Please note we will NOT be discussing individual schools

The Queen’s C of E Primary School, Kew, TW9 3HJ, Wednesday 4th July, 7.00pm - 9.00pm