social development

"I thought it would be too long but it wasn't - I'd have stayed another hour!" Parent

Social skills are learnt just like anything else - and just like anything else they are learnt by observation, reflection and practice not by being told what to do and how to do it.

Unfortunately these days most children are brought up to 'tell an adult' every time something they don't like occurs, which doesn't help with their social skill development at all. It also means that when they get to the age where social relationships become increasingly important, round about year 4, they have no strategies of their own and adults become overwhelmed by the small and constant reports of what others are doing wrong.

This two hour workshop will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and techniques to help your child learn to manage the complex world of real time social relationships.

This workshop is open to parents with children at any school. Booking is required as places are limited.

" Gill really knows her stuff. I can't wait for part 2!" Parent

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"Brilliant - lots of food for thought." Parent

Thursday 14th June 2017 6.30pm - 8.30pm

at Grove Park Primary School, Nightingale Close, W4 3JN