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Focus for Autumn 2018

Helping children and young people manage anxiety

parent workshops

parent longer courses

parent and child 'together' training

children/young people's courses

Parent workshops are for 2 hours and cover the principles and best practice for helping their child manage anxiety

Parent longer courses are for 4 weeks, 1x 2 hour session per week. This course allows for greater detail and individual content in order to help parents support their child in managing anxiety.

Parent and child 'together' training is a 3 hour workshop session for parents with their children to consider changes in the family dynamic and adult/child behaviour. 'Together' training is available for anxiety, assertiveness and communication.

Children/young people courses are available in schools for 4-6 sessions to give children/young people both the confidence and strategies to manage their anxiety on a daily basis.

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New for 2018 - 2019

Free to Schools

Parent workshops and courses

All parent courses and workshops can now be booked as 'Free to schools'. This means that budgets no longer have to limit the support schools can offer.

Schools that host Free to schools workshops and courses can choose to have staff training sessions and parent 'clinic' sessions completely free too.

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Parent and child 'Together' workshops

At last an opportunity for parents and children to learn together and share their own take on some interesting subjects. Three titles are available, 'Tackling Anxiety Together', 'Improving Communication Together' and 'Assertiveness Together'. Sessions have two facilitators and take place on Sunday afternoons.

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Introducing 'growth mindset' workshops for parents

Thinking about the way children behave and operate in terms of 'fixed' or 'growth' mindsets has helped children, schools and parents understand the relationship between how we talk to children and how they see themselves better than ever before.

Introducing practical new workshops for parents who want to help their child grow or develop a growth mindset.

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Gill Hines

Education and Parenting Consultant

Working with parents, children and young people in their homes, their schools and other informal settings.

Providing advice and support through training, one to one and group work and best selling publications.

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Focus on anxiety

New workshop titles

Workshops for children

Workshops for parents and children together

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