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In these cash strapped times few schools can afford the luxury of parent workshops and courses. The Free to schools option means that parents pay for their places (as they do at central venues) but the school gains some advantages by hosting the workshop. These include:

  • Parents of the hosting school are given first option of places.
  • The host school is given a number of free places to allocate to parents in need or those they wish to encourage to attend (usually 6).
  • Schools can choose the workshop title and have some say in content - tailoring it to their school needs.
  • Schools gain the kudos for supporting parents with quality courses and workshops.
  • There is no limit to the number of courses or workshops a school can request.
  • Schools offering regular workshops can have free parent clinic sessions (drop in sessions that are free to parents and the school ).
  • Schools offering packages to parents, such as the Anxiety package currently on offer, have the option of a free staff training session.



Someone at the school needs to select the workshop and pick a date. Then when the electronic flier arrives they need to ensure it is sent out via parentmail. Someone at the school will also be responsible for allocating the school's free places - and that is about it.

I will:

  • Create an electronic flier with the school logo and get it back to the school.
  • Set up a web page for information and manage bookings online.
  • Remind participants a couple of days before the event and provide information on where they are to go.
  • Deliver training to time.
  • Send out notes or copies of slides to parents.

Q. What time are the workshops - most of our parents work?

A. You pick the time though the most common start times are 7.00pm, 7.30pm or even 8.00pm. Workshops last for 2 hours - courses vary but times are always made clear on the fliers created for your event.

Q. How many people do you take?

A. I have a maximum of 30 for a workshop, other courses may be smaller as they involve more interraction. All the workshops are available as 1.5 hour talks if required, talks have no limit to numbers but are probably less effective.

Q.What if only a few people sign up?

A.I will run a workshop if I have 6 paying customers or more (obviously I prefer a full house). If places are unfilled two or three weeks before an event I will offer places to other local schools and parents on my mailing list to fill the places.

Popular workshops

Most workshop titles are available for both Primary and Secondary parents - with suitably adapted content.

Longer courses for parents



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