Encoraging sibling harmony

Encouraging Sibling Harmony


In most families where there are 2 or more children there will be times when tensions mount and siblings can be less than loving to each other. Sniping, arguing, shouting and even fighting can rock the most placid family. In some instances this can be a normal state of affairs with occasional outbreaks or war and aggression.

No matter what the state of play in your family this workshop aims to help parents identify some simple tried and tested ways to draw the whole family closer as well as providing some pointers for why and how sibling rivalry breaks out and consequently how we as adults can change some small things to encourage greater communication, harmony and care amongst all family members.




Date: Wednesday 27th February 2019

Time: 7.00pm-9.00pm

Venue: The Queens Primary Sch.

Cumberland Rd, Richmond TW9 3HJ


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