Readiness for School

Readiness for School

For parents of children about to start school in September 2019

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Going to school for the first time is a big step for a child and often an even bigger one for their parents as it is the beginning of greater independence and the first stages of developing a life away from home.

The early days at school can be exciting and a little bewildering for a child as they settle in to a large busy community of children and adults with expectations and boundaries that may be different from home whilst having a wealth of stimulating new experiences and activities to explore.

This course is for every parent wanting to help their child settle into school happily and effortlessly.

During the two sessions we will be looking at:

  • Any curiosities, worries, fears and concerns parents may have (not specific to any one school)
  • Helping children deal with the behaviour of others
  • Creating and implementing new routines (i.e. getting them out the house on time with both shoes on!)
  • Encouraging greater independence and resilience
  • Supporting self-esteem development and learning through a growth mindset
  • Encouraging social development and friendships

The sessions have been designed to be entertaining and enjoyable with plenty of opportunities for parents to talk and share their wealth of knowledge with each other.

There is an optional afternoon 'drop in session' with Gill (open to all attending parents regardless of where their child goes to school) for anyone who wants some one-to-one support or advice after the school year has begun.



Dates:    Weds 26th June and Weds 3rd July 2019

Time:     7.30pm-9.30pm

Venue:  Christ Church Primary School, Pine Gardens, Surbiton KT5 8LJ

Optional Drop In session: Thurs 17th October between 1.30 and 3.00pm


Booking is required

Places cost £35.00

A small number of free places are available (only new or established Christ Church parents) to those who cannot afford the fee . Ask at the school office if you would like to be considered for one.

Additional places can be added at checkout

What Parents have said about this course

"I' have two older children already at school but I still learnt a lot of really useful things." Parent

"A good night out! Had a lot of fun and made me think bout all sorts of things - excellent" Parent

"I feel so much more confident now, will be coming along to more sessions." Parent

"Wish I had done something like this for my first child." Parent

Gill Hines

Education and Parenting Consultant

Working with parents, children and young people in their homes, their schools and other informal settings.

Providing advice and support through training, one to one and group work and best selling publications.

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