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What you need to know

For the time being all courses and workshops are online. They take place live and you will need to book a place in advance. You will recieve your workshop link 24 hours before the workshop. Places are limited - when the session is full you will be offered the option of joining the waiting list.

Links cost £10 each and payment is by Paypal only. You are welcome to participate with a partner or family member (but no children please.)

Some reduced cost places are available on most workshops, these are reserved for those who cannot afford to pay full price. Please contact Gill via email if you would like to be considered for one. 


Bibling Harmony

Thursday 14th January 2021


In most families where there are 2 or more children there will be times when tensions mount and siblings can be less than loving to each other. Sniping, arguing, shouting and even fighting can rock the most placid family. In some instances this can be a normal state of affairs with occasional outbreaks or war and aggression.

No matter what the state of play in your family this workshop aims to help parents identify some simple tried and tested ways to draw the whole family closer as well as providing some pointers for why and how sibling rivalry breaks out and consequently how we as adults can change some small things to encourage greater communication, harmony and care amongst all family members.

“I am determined to have a go. I hope it is as easy as it sounds!"


"I was never close to my sister growing up and I've just realised why. I want things to be different for my two."


Educating your child at home

Gill Hines is co-author of The Home Education Handbook published in 2019 by Piatkus - Click for more information 

TBC  2021

7.30pm - 9.30pm

It's a new challenge for many parents - becoming 'teacher' as well as Mum or Dad but the truth is you have always been your child's most important teacher. Learning in front of a screen isn't great, and struggling with worksheets is stressmaking and can ruin everyone's day - so this workshop is to help you think outside the box and provide a first rate education at home for your child without too much of either. How to learn through fun, through play, through exploring the world together and how to use what you are good at to teach your child everything they need right now.

Talking to your tweenager about Relationships and Sex

This online workshop is not so much about the biology of sex, the how to, but more the when to - and when not to. How to talk to your pre-teen about consent, respect, coertion, grooming, boundaries and consequences. There are issues to explore together such as the emotions of sex and the nature of desire and about the stereotypes about what others do, want and expect from sex and relationships.

This is a workshop about the issues that so many young people struggle with, because for most the only role models and sources of support they have are the media or their friends (who let's face it don't always tell the truth.) This isn't about telling your pre teen how to behave but rather about opening up their thinking so they can make good decisions they can live with and help their friends do the same.

Thursday 28th January 2021

7.30pm - 9.30pm

"My parents never talked to me about relationships or sex - so it became a taboo in our family. I want better for my kids."


"Feel full of enthusiasm right now - can't wait to begin the discussions. That was so helpful, thank you"


Supporting your Anxious Teen

Anxiety in children and young people is a growing problem. Changes in the way people live their lives, gadget use, social media, saving the planet and the never ending pressures of school and grades all combine to make adolescence even harder for this generation than any before them.  Add to that nearly a year of isolation and uncertainty due to the global Covid pandemic and no wonder so many are struggling with anxiety. What matters is that each young person has the opportunity to become the person they can be – whatever that might look like.

Changing your teen’s sense of self in relation to others and the world around them, like all journeys, starts with some small steps.

This workshop will help you understand what you can do, by making some small parenting changes, to help them become more resilient and more able to step into unknown territory. We’ll also look at a simple way to help them ‘change their minds’ and become more confident and effective using some simple CBT based techniques. Changing anxiety takes time, but it is a change that will last a lifetime.

Thursday 4th February


7.30pm - 9.30pm

"Thanks for the workshop. I don't know what I expected but I've come away with a lot more understanding and some great ideas for what to say." 


"It was so good to know it's not just us going through all this."


Managing your child's behaviour 

from 3 to 8 years old

How we manage a child's behaviour depends a lot on their age and the appropriate neurological development. Behaviour management has to be right for the age of the child - what works well for a child of 8 could make a 6 year old feel bad about themselves or feel shame and anxiety rather than helping them to get things 'right' in the future. This 2 hour live online workshop is all about what research (and 40 years’ experience) tells us works for children between the ages of 3 and 8. This is a great first workshop for anyone new to Gill Hines' sessions as it covers all the basic principles and techniques for helping children to:

  • want to behave  well
  • take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • learn from their mistakes

As well as some guidance on keeping your cool and being clear, the two things many parents find hard to do after a trying day.

Wednesday 10th February


7.30pm - 9.30pm

"Loved it - can we have a part 2 please?" 


"It was good to know most of what we are doing is the right way to approach behaviour and some helpful tips for the problem areas. I'll be filling the house with pingers."


Raising brave young women - avoiding the 'confidence gap'

It's a sad fact that research shows confidence in girls drops by an enormous 30% during adolescence. Those wonderful feisty children become anxious worriers - self conscious and afraid to be their best self in case others dislike them for it.

Boys as a group don't have the same problem - confidence rates stay much the same so why is it that girls change so dramatically, and what can we do to help them stay brave and confident in their own abilities, likeability and personhood?

This two hour workshop is not about managing anxiety - there are other workshops for that, this workshop is for parents of girls between 10 and 14 years old who are noticing confidence changes in their daughters or who simply want to know how to help their young women grow into fearless young adults.

We'll be looking at why the changes happen, how those changes show themselves and how we can teach girls ways of managing their thought patterns and destructive behaviours such as self criticism, over reliance on the opinions of others for their self worth, overthinking and catastrophising. All set within a home in which resilience, self reliance and personal responsibility are modelled and celebrated.

Wednesday 31st March



"I remember how my feelings about myself were changed in my early teens and I'm going to do my best to stop that happening to my daughter." 


"We all want to make the world a kind place for our kids but we have to teach them how to deal with a frequently unkind one. I feel fired up and full of determination."


More coming soon

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