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What you need to know

For the time being all courses and workshops are online. They take place live and you will need to book a place in advance. You will recieve your workshop link 24 hours before the workshop. Places are limited - when the session is full you will be offered the option of joining the waiting list.

Places cost £10 each and payment is by Paypal only. Some reduced cost places are available on most workshops, these are reserved for those who cannot afford to pay full price. Please contact me if you would like to be considered for one. 

Encouraging a growth mindset

Many schools are now using the 'growth' or 'fixed' mindset terminology as a tool for describing the way a child or young person thinks and behaves. The fixed mindset person is competitive with others and sees their value and success in terms of hierarchy, feels jealous or resentful at the success of others and won't persevere at things they find too difficult. The growth mindset person competes against themselves and their own past performance and uses the success of others as a learning resource. They take on new things with enthusiasm and see failure as a stepping stone to mastery.

The important thing here is that these are learnt behaviours and thinking styles, not inborn ones so with the right support and direction any child can develop a growth mindset and make their life all about the many small sucesses of every day rather than the occasional shameful failures. This workshop is all about the things a parent can do, say and demonstrate that will help their child or young person develop a more exciting outlook on themselves and their world.

Wednesday 11th November


7.30pm - 9.30pm

"I've realised that maybe its me I need to work on not them!"  


"Really helpful and practical. I feel much more able to help my daughter now."   Parent

Raising brave young women - avoiding the 'confidence gap'

It's a sad fact that research shows confidence in girls drops by an enormous 30% during adolescence. Those wonderful feisty children become anxious worriers - self conscious and afraid to be their best self in case others dislike them for it.

Boys as a group don't have the same problem - confidence rates stay much the same so why is it that girls change so dramatically, and what can we do to help them stay brave and confident in their own abilities, likeability and personhood?

This two hour workshop is not about managing anxiety - there are other workshops for that, this workshop is for parents of girls between 10 and 14 years old who are noticing confidence changes in their daughters or who simply want to know how to help their young women grow into fearless young adults.

We'll be looking at why the changes happen, how they show themselves and how we can teach girls ways of managing their thought patterns and destructive behaviours such as self criticism, over reliance on the opinions of others for their self worth, overthinking and catastrophising. All set within a home in which resilience, self reliance and personal responsibility are modelled and celebrated.

Thursday 19th November 2020


"II remember how my feelings about myself were changed in my early teens and I'm going to do my best to stop that happening to my daughter." 


"We all want to make the world a kind place for our kids but we have to teach them how to deal with a frequently unkind one. I feel fired up and full of determination."


Parenting in the pre-teen years

Parenting in the preteen years is every bit as important as any other stage. Whilst it may be tempting to let your confident and capable child have greater autonomy and freedom remember that the time is coming when you, for their own good, will need to rein them in again. Fostering a sound respect for you and your role in their life is imperative if you are to be able to do this.


 Making sure your child is aware of the risks and dangers out there is so important but so is helping them to have a clear system of values to live by so when they face new and unexpected challenges they make their choices based on what will support and assist them on their journey through life.

This 2 hour workshop will help parents understand some of the issues they may face and how they can lay down good solid foundations now to help keep the lines of communication open for the future.

Thursday 3rd December 2020


"I didn't fully realise all the things that go on in a teenager's brain so being aware of it all before it happens and having some idea of how to prepare us all was brilliant" 


"Every parent should attend this workshop - it should be compulsory."


Self Esteem

in the Primary School aged child

How we feel about ourselves affects everything we do and may restrict the choices we feel able to make. Children with good self esteem will behave differently with siblings and peers, will often learn more quickly than others, are more likely to fulfil their potential and will be more inclined to work at new things than if their self esteem is low.

Children with low self esteem may exhibit behavioural problems, have difficulty making friends and have poor sleep patterns, fixations or destructive behaviours.  Sadly they may also be vulnerable to self-harm and poor or self destructive choices as they grow older


This two hour workshop will introduce to you the important features of self esteem- what it means, where it comes from and what we can do

to help build good strong self esteem in children.

Thursday 10th December 2020


"I think I've been trying too hard - I've maybe pushed him so much its made him feel bad about himself.  " 


"Very useful tips and pointers. I feel I know a lot more about the process now."