Parenting Leadership Group

Parenting Leadership

training group

A new initiative

This group has been set upto help those who want to work with parents to get started. With no set start or finish it is not a course but rather an ongoing support and development opportunity. Orgnised around online workshops, one to one consultations and small group meetings with two monthly 'residentials' in Suffolk (though these may be online for the time being) group members work in the way that suits them, when it suits them.

The only requirement for joining is a good knowledge of children either from a professional or personal connection. Group members should either have extensive work experience with children or be a parent.

Apart from that anyone can apply, regardless of academic or professional qualifications - we welcome and work with diversity.

Group members pay a 6 monthly fee to be part of the group and to accesss all the available services to reach their identified goals. They can stay as long as they like, and leave when they wish.

Currently there are 12 places on the group and these have been filled. if you are interested in hearing more please click the button below and you'll receive an email outlining the group membership entitlements, cost and timings.

If you would like to be waitlisted and be offered a chance to apply for a place when one becomes available click the button below and you'll be added to the list - without any obligation.

Applications will be invited to waitlist members on a first come first served basis.